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By Mountain Brook Smiles
October 17, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Root Canal Therapy  

Are you dealing with a toothache? Then root canal treatment may be necessary.root canal

If we had it our way, no one would ever need to come in for restorative dental procedures; unfortunately, we don’t have those magical capabilities, but that doesn’t mean that these problems should just go ignored. There are subtle ways that your smile may be trying to tell you that a problem is surfacing. Our Mountain Brook, AL, general dentist, Dr. Wes Samford, is here to tell you just what symptoms to be on the lookout for.

Think you need root canal therapy? Well, you might if you are dealing with any of these signs of an infected or inflamed dental pulp (a soft structure inside the tooth that contains the tooth’s nerves):

Serious or a persistent toothache: Dental pain of any kind or severity should be checked out. While a toothache can surface for many reasons, one of the reasons could be that the dental pulp is infected and needs to be removed. The toothache you experience may also get worse whenever you chew or put pressure on the affected tooth.

Swollen, sore gums: While gum discomfort on its own may be a sign that you have gum disease, if you notice that the gums surrounding your aching tooth are puffy, inflamed and tender to the touch then you need to turn to our Mountain Brook restorative dentist right away, as this could be a sign that you need root canal therapy.

Tooth sensitivity: Along with that nagging pain, you may also notice that whenever you eat or drink anything cold or hot that the affected tooth is more sensitive to these extreme temperature changes. The sensitivity will often linger even after you have stopped consuming the hot or cold beverage or meal.

There are other less common symptoms that could determine whether you need root canal treatment:

  • The formation of an abscess (a pus-filled, pimple-like growth) on the gums near the affected tooth
  • Sometimes the tooth will become discolored or turn darker, particularly if the infected dental pulp is left untreated

At the first signs of a toothache or other issues it’s important that you visit a gentle, compassionate dentist in Mountain Brook, AL, who can provide you with the ultimate care to get your oral health back on track. If this is happening to you, call Mountain Brook Smiles today to schedule your next immediate visit.